Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Basement Show

I'm a self taught musician. I started on guitar when I was around 12. I asked my father for the basic open chords (A,D,G,E,C) and picked it up from there. A year later I got my first guitar, I had been learning on my fathers Stratocaster; It was a 1961 Les Paul Reissue, more commonly known as the SG (Solid Guitar). We got a drum set for my brothers 13th birthday and whenever he wasn't practicing I would dick around on it. In my middle-school days I started a two-piece rock group with a childhood friend of mine. We expanded to a four-piece in high school with two other childhood friends of ours, I played lead guitar. We played shows and were even on television. We broke up because of internal and external drama. Towards the end of our run we outed our bassist and I took the role. I began to love bass.

At this time I identify as a bassist. When anyone asks me about my music I tell them I play bass. After the band broke up I didn't really play with anyone for three years. I probably jammed three times with friends during that period. That averages out to one jam session every year.

My brother and my old bands rhythm guitarist had started a folk comedy group after the break up. They likened themselves to Flight of the Concords. Over the three years I wasn't active I tried to join them but rivalry with my brother made him bitter towards me for so many reasons. Long story short, they asked me to play a show at a venue in the northern part of town on June 25th. By this time they weren't folk comedy anymore. Indie rock.

We wrote up a set list along with some options for if we ran short. We practiced. We were so excited. On June 21st I got a call saying that our drummer had broken his wrist. The next day our guitarist found out he had mono. Everything was looking grim, but we still wanted to try it. Then, on June 23rd my brother called me, the show was cancelled. Apparently, the guy who runs the joint is a huge douche bag. He cancelled our acts because we didn't provide him with enough time to advertise. We were left with a show all ready, but nowhere to put it on. My girlfriend got the idea of playing it in our basement. I called my brother and told him to invite everyone he could. Only about 20 people were able to make it on such short notice but it still kicked ass. We played our asses off.

Two of my old band mates and I are currently working on a new project to continue what we started in middle school. I'm back and active in the music world again.

Still to come: The Bloody Beetroots.

Enjoy the Music.

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  1. I am THRILLED that you are playing music again. You have a natural talent and have so much to say. Welcome back. You've been missed.